It all started after a vacation with my girlfriend to Key West and a chance encounter with a well-known clam shack on Duval St. Growing up in New England I was accustomed to Maine Lobster Rolls. I was fortunate enough to have lobster at every turn. My girlfriend on the other hand, grew up in Florida and had never sampled this buttery treat. We ordered two fresh cooked Maine lobster rolls with a side of fried clams. The meal brought me back to my roots in Portsmouth, NH. My girlfriend was in love!! And not with me at that moment. It was the delicious lobster roll!! She was hooked!!

Two months later we were sitting around watching TV and my girlfriend, out of nowhere said that she was craving a Lobster Roll. I thought that was a great idea. So I decided to look online and research places that have great Lobster Rolls. There was only one problem…there aren’t many places that have Maine Lobster or Lobster Rolls in Miami. After much research and a couple of angry stomachs, we realized that we would not be having a Lobsta Roll.

Miami 4As we licked our wounds and settled for a couple plates of sub-par seafood, I couldn’t figure out why, with so many people from the Northeast, why there were only 2 options for Lobster Rolls. At that very moment I came across a page on Facebook that talked about the Miami Food Truck scene. That’s when it hit me….a food truck that served lobster rolls would be a great idea for Miami. I was so excited that I mentioned the idea to a friend; she loved the idea, and wanted in. A partnership was formed, and BAM!!! We had an idea and no name. My brilliant girlfriend came up with a mesh of the two worlds, the food truck and Lobsta worlds (yes I said L.O.B.S.T.A.H…the right way to say it in New England), she meshed them and came up with Lobsta Rollin.

The Lobsta Rollin team is made up of a cast of characters: two Miami girls, a tough kid from Richmond, and a street savvy New Englander. We all came together and decided to offer a little New England in South Florida.

Miami 1After serving South Florida for two years, the Lobsta Rollin team decided to take our talents north to the great city of Harrisonburg! Our team decided to build roots in the Valley!!

The Food Truck parked at 1311 S. High St. in Harrisonburg was our first location. Now we are adding our second location in Elkton, at the Village of the Valley near Jack Browns. We are very excited to call the Valley our new home, and offer great New England seafood options.